Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Environment

the third year I'm studying at IPG Kampus Penang..
but still long journey need to be faced before becoming a great teacher..
the most "special" things happen for my third year is actually I need to move to the new block!!!
I need to Hijrah...

MasyaAllah..when I've got news about moving block from my roomate, I couldn't expressed about my feelings at that moment..not so happy but not so upset..the one thing that appeared in my mind was  I gonna be sufferrrrr because of thousands of things need to be moved out from the previous block to the new block..

Luckily, thank family willing to help me to move all of my stuffs and cleaned my new room..
Its fully green and bright room complete with a fan that spin like a helicopter...because of my room is totally paint with green colour thus makes me feel like I am in Markas Pas..haha

now, together with my roomate, Izzah, we live "happily" n "peacefully" n "silently" in our new block..which is BLOK NONA..this is our "lovely" block..tadaaa..

it is nice huh?

my hope for this year,
  • i hope i can adapt with the new environment at BLOK NONA
  • i hope i can score with flying colours for this semester (eventhough lecturers said that most subjects for this sem are quite tough)
  • i hope i'm able to get to know my Lord better..insyaAllah
  • i hope my iman always getting increases 
  • i hope i am able to take care of ears, eyes, tongue, hands, feet from make any sin..
  • actually..there are still billions of hopes I want to write..but I guess these just be enough to share in this blog..hoho.

slippers that we use to walk around the block
this is my roomate's sleeping partner (x_x)

p/s : to those TESL student, English lecturer or teacher, grammarian...please dont use red pen to mark my post...i know there are a lot grammatical errors..haha..I'm just a beginner and just trying to improve my English...oh my English!

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  1. good try.. welcome to nona and i must say hi to rambai. hehe