Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Express Islam in Kiut-Miut way

I'm really impressed with people who are creative..
which is Allah has given talent to them to draw and are able to create something that when we look it we will say "oh sooo cute!!!"
I've got many friends that have a powerful hands which they can draw nicely..
when i'm googling for some cute pics..
i've 100 times impressed when i see very kiut-miut islamic cartoons...
i realize that, islamic cartoons is one of the best way to attract people to get to know about ISLAM..
especially kids..
yaa..normally kids and cartoons are just like "aur dengan tebing".
in fact, many of teens or adults includes me love to see kiut-miut things...
so..these are some islamic cartoons that i've found at
check it out!

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