Friday, March 21, 2014


finally, after tired struggling for the 3rd practicum to be a teacher,
its time for rest...
eventhough only a week..but its worth..
grateful to Allah, i'm still survived...alhamdulillah..
always keep in heart...and say it..alhamdulillah..
coz Allah always be with us no matter who we are..
alhamdullah...because of Allah, I'm happy to be who I am..
o Allah...
so many friends of mine, gonna be married..
congrats to them..
I'm wondering when I'm going to be married?
soon, sooner, later, or years later??
only Allah knows..
and still I do not understand my heart..
yeah, some of my girlfriends give advice to get marry early..
but... it i'm ready??
thats da question dancing in my mind..haha
but still my heart is hoping for some one...for such a long time..still that one..
eventhough that person maybe not hoping for me...
but who knows...i'll keep pray for him..
may Allah ease his life.. may his iman keep stronger..
if we are not meant to be together..
hope he will get a solehah zaujah..
because he is very soleh..
i have try to open my heart to other person,
but still my heart do not allow for it..
i know...i'm still weak to handle my feelings..
o Allah...
help me...
please avoid me from loving anyone more than you...
please give me strength...
please lets my mind always think of U and Rasulullah..
sollu ala nabi..

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